Above you can see our newly produced video (by Robert Barrett Nielsen) – developed after the first semester of Catch.

Summer school
In August Catch is hosting a summer school together with the Technical University of Denmark and artist Jakob Kvist. We are  focusing on light as an artistic medium for public spaces.

Visit from New Zealand
In June Catch is hosting Sophie Jerram, curator and researcher from New Zealand. The project is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

Exhibition at Flynderupgaard
June 15th the exhibition West Indian Tracks – Frederik Ferdinand Hansen’s Imprint opened at Flynderupgaard. The exhibition is a collaboration between Catch, Flynderupgaard and A Gothic Tale.

Visitors to the museum will find the chance to engage in a personal experience with the ghost of Frederik Ferdinand, learning about his travels to West India, his daughter and son, and his concerns as a man of the Enlightenment. We perceive the  ghost as an opportunity to engage in a conversation with our heritage, listen to the stories of those who came before us, and ultimately know more about ourselves. A Gothic Tale is a startup based in Copenhagen. They  create meaningful experiences for museum visitors, by resurrecting historical characters that are key to understanding cultural heritage. Behind A Gothic Tale are Alf Andersen (Software Dev.), Christopher Nielsen (Hardware Dev.), Annette Finnsdottir (Business and Curation), Davide Ronco (PR, Graphic and Product Design), Julie Reindl (Design Research) and Mateo Perez (CEO / Game Design).

Read more about A Gothic Tale here.

Photo credits: Davide Ronco