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Catch is an educational platform and incubator dedicated to creating a strong community that brings together creators from various disciplines. The goal of Catch is to build an innovation friendly environment where people interested in art and technology have access to facilities needed to develop their ideas, prototypes and frameworks for new companies and projects.

Located in Elsinore, Denmark, Catch comprises of two areas; one is a maker workshop and the other is an education, co-working and exhibition space.


Art-tech products, services and ideas are gaining attention both on the global art scene and in commercial businesses, as the ideas developed are providing important insights and potential radical inventions.

Art & technology is an artistic approach to technological innovation. New technology can find alternative use through artistic investigations and technology can be invented through artistic visions. People working within art & technology are dedicated to create new ways of understanding and interacting with the world the results are products, services, experiences and concepts that are both commercial and progressive.

We are looking to develop new educational formats and incubation projects where companies, artists, cultural institutions and public institutions interact and collaborate. The goal is to create a platform where new interdisciplinary ideas and solutions can be created, tested and applied.

We are passionate about creating an environment and network of people dedicated to investigate and learn in order to make dreams and visions come to life. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a collaboration – both if you are a company, a citizen in Elsinore, a student or representing an educational institution.

Read more about the strategy for Catch 2017-18 here. Get in touch if you are interested in collaboration.

Video by Robert Barrett Nielsen.