Catch Crystal Ball Get-together

at Click Festival May 19th from 13-17.30

Do You Wanna See What
the Future Might Look like?

The world is complex. If you ask an engineer about what the future looks like maybe the answer is something with robotics, a programmer would maybe point to AI and a biologist would maybe mention chronobiology or bio-hacking. Therefore, Catch is bringing people together for an interdisciplinary get-together May 19th to be able to provide a wide-angle perspective on the future within art & technology.

During the day you will experience new state-of-the-art ideas and projects from our university partners and companies. Based on these overall areas we will initiate a co-development process in order to discover how we can establish future collaboration and partnerships.

Catch is developed by Elsinore Municipality and we are currently investigating how we can build an interdisciplinary art & technology education together with companies, cultural institutions and the IT University, the Technical University of Denmark, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design. During the spring of 2017 we have also been running initiatives with Malmö University and Natural and Cultural Heritage Management Program at Copenhagen University/Metropol. 


13.00-13.30 Welcome and introduction to Catch

13.30-14.30 Pecha Kucha about:

Soft Robotics
Soft robotics is a growing field of interdisciplinary research wherein compliant materials replace the rigid parts used in robotics. Soft robotics have notable advantages over traditional robots, including safer human-robot interaction, more compliance, and energy efficiency.  Designing robots with soft, compliant materials enables different functions and aesthetics in comparison to traditional mechatronics-based robots robotics, thus experimentation with new materials can open up new applications for robotics.

In collaboration with the IT University, associate professor Laura Beloff, PhD Jonas Jørgensen, artist and researcher Rosemary Lee & Aalborg University, assistant professor Elizabeth Ann Jochum & assistant professor Markus Löchtefeld.

Science fiction
Science fiction has always been an inspiration for our technological development when literature or movies present us with vivid representations of how the future could be like. Catch will use science fiction as an innovation methodology in order to create new fictional and screen-based works that can inspire us to go beyond what is currently doable, to develop radical new ideas.

In collaboration with The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design, associate professor Arthur Steijn, associate professor Jacob Ion Wille, associate professor Christian Baron from Aalborg University & artist and curator Erich Berger.

Future Micro-Fabrication Facilities for Art & Technology
New technologies provide the possibilities for new ways of developing and producing works of art and products. Catch wants to investigate how we can create facilities (mini-factories) in order to provide a platform for in-sourcing and local production. We want to create a closer relation between users/consumers and producers and provide more people with the ability to develop their own products and artworks.

Developed in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School, postdoc Kirsti Reitan Andersen and Christian Villum from the Danish Design Centre.

Light and Innovation
Denmark has a strong tradition within the development of light – both in regards to engineering and design. Catch is investigating how we can work with art & technology using light as a medium.

In collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark, associate professor Christian Pedersen and professor in innovation and serial entrepreneur Jes Broeng and the IT University, visual artist, programmer and scenographer Ole Christensen.

14.30-15.00 Catch it – meet and greet session / coffee and cake

15.00-16.00 Catch it – co-development workshop
Copenhagen Maker will facilitate the workshop sessions where the participants will be invited to take the first step in a joint process to co-develop new educational programmes and projects within the four overall themes.

16.00-16.30 Presentation of Catch Exhibition: Journey to the Vast Unknown

16.30-17.30 Special surprise experience at the Click Festival

17.30 Network and bar

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