We are looking to develop new educational formats where companies, artists, cultural institutions and public institutions interact and collaborate. The goal is to create a platform where new interdisciplinary ideas and solutions can be created, tested and applied.

We are passionate about creating an environment and network of people dedicated to investigate and learn in order to make dreams and visions come to life. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a collaboration – both if you are a company, a citizen in Elsinore, a student or representing an educational institution.

Catch is founded by Elsinore Municipality, which provides Catch with a unique platform for co-creation. This provides us with a unique opportunity to test new art & tech solutions in public space, co-develop with the museums, public institutions and citizens and the possibility to showcase new ideas at the festival.

Throughout the spring of 2017 Catch has initiated a broad range of projects together with the IT University, the Technical University of Denmark,The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design, Malmö University and the Natural and Cultural Heritage Management Program at Copenhagen University/Metropol. We have been matching the students with the companies Knowmio and Knud E. Hansen and the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, Elsinore Library and the Museum of Elsinore, the Danish Museum of Science & Technology and The Culture Yard and the annual Click Festival

You can read about the results here.