Catch is developing education initiatives together with a broad range of institutions, such as The IT University, The Technical University of Denmark, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Malmö University and Aalborg University. We are aiming at developing joint initiatives with companies and institutions and thus making Elsinore the testing ground for trans-disciplinary student solutions and ideas.


Collaboration with Copenhagen University

Catch and Copenhagen University will collaborate through the course Urban Intervention Studio 2018: Space & Interface – cultures, heritage and innovation at the Elsinore Waterfront. 26 students will work on installations for the public space in spring 2018. (…)


Catch Courses with AOF

We are happy to announce that Catch has decided to collaborate with AOF, an evening school for adults, to share knowledge about technology, art and maker-culture(…)


Summer Camp

This August, Catch, IDA, Open Entrepreneurship and DTU Fotonik will host a learning programme that will encourage its participants to develop entrepreneurial skills by exploring opportunities at the intersection of art, design, science and technology(…)


Development of CATCH

We are currently in the midst of developing the future of CATCH and in this process we have allied ourselves with students from both ITU and Collaborative Media at Malmö University. As part of their education they are diving into different design tasks we meet as an institution in its creation. They are brainstorming, prototyping and iterating – it doesn’t get more like real life than this (…)


Company Collaboration with Umove: Future Traffic

Public transport, in this case buses, is threatened by self-driving vehicles and a general recovery in the private economy, in which people prefer to buy their own cars when they can afford it and thus opt out of public transport(…)


Collaboration with ESNORD, HTX

Together with students from HTX (Higher Technical Examination) at ESNORD, Catch is developing new prototypes for light installations for the north-west part of Elsinore, where the school is located. Elsinore Municipality has recently initiated a development process in this area to create new cultural activities, a safer environment and more community engagement(…)


Annual program with The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, The Cultural Yard & Catch

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, The Cultural Yard & Catch offer an innovative programme for students who wish to do creative work in game design, visual media and beyond(…)


Summer School 2018 with the Technical University of Denmark & IDA

A new edition of Summer School is shaping up. The theme for the 2018 programme – Wild Thinking – aims to empower its participants to develop radical innovations by exploring opportunities within art, science, technology & entrepreneurship. The participants will work in cross-disciplinary teams, developing and testing their ideas and setting the ground for bringing their projects to life(…)


Politics of the Machine – PhD Workshop with Aalborg University and the IT University

The PhD workshop contributes to and takes place prior to and after the international conference “Politics of the Machine: Art and After” (May 15-17 2018 in Copenhagen). The attendees participate in a workshop where they will generate online and offline outputs related to the conference theme. The conference is centered on questions about how machines impact and contextualise artistic production and perception and in doing so welcomes submissions that take an innovative approach to the politics of the machine. Likewise, this workshop aims to engage research in a broad sense of the word and thus invites artistic and practice-based as well as theoretical and historical approaches to the field(…)


Exhibition at Click Festival: Journey to the Vast Unknown

Together with Bachelor and Master students from the IT University and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design, Catch is developing an exhibition for the annual Click Festival, which takes place May 20-21, 2017 (…)


Collaboration with The Maritime Museum of Denmark

Based on the interplay between nature and culture as a central theme for the maritime, we have created Voyage, a collaborative light- and sound installation in the old dry dock now housing the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark (…)


Collaboration with the company Knowmio

Together with Knowmio two groups of students from the IT University have been investigating how to develop new game designs to be used in primary schools (…)


Collaboration with the Museum Flynderupgård and The Library at the Shipyard

In January 2017 20 students from the the Natural and Cultural Heritage Management Program at Copenhagen University/Metropol started to work with a local museum, Flynderupgård, and the library at the shipyard in Elsinore in order to investigate various challenges posed by the two institutions (…)