Catch is incubating new ideas together with companies and local cultural institutions. We are focused on providing an environment, where people can co-create and develop the foundation for new transdisciplinary initiatives and companies.

2018 / 2017

Exploratory Experiments of Robotic and Bodily Sensory Perception

The exploration deals with topics related to the course sub-theme Open Bodies/Open Machines – Future Pleasure Objects. It deals with the stimulation of bodies through different sensory organs and the collection of those stimulations into experiences, perception, and eventually meaning.(…)


Machines and Mapping the Body

In order to understand ourselves and our place in the world we map our bodies against our environment and other bodies. Cultural factors and belief systems influence the tools and machines we use to map the body.(…)


Touching You/me With My Breath

The interactive device invites one user to experience haptic sensations resultant from the data collected from the other participant’s breath.(…)


Text Me

Text me is inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine, in particular the holistic approach towards the body and mind and the believe that the spine and consequently the kidneys are fundamental in the process of achieving arousal. Text me proposes a digital translation between body and mind by triggering body sensations driven by text.(…)



Ardourino is a hydrogel – a network of polymer chains that are hydrophilic, sometimes found as a colloidal gel in which water is the dispersion medium. Hydrogels are highly absorbent (they can contain over 90% water) natural or synthetic polymeric networks.(…)


Solar Solids

Solar Solids is a solar powered light installation, using digital image processing and live camera feed to harmonize its artificial lights to the shifting colours of the evening sky.(…)


Institution I

Institution I is a celebration to the public school as an institution in the Danish welfare state.(…)


We Walk Through Walls

We Walk Through Walls is an installation that challenges the visitors’ understanding of spatial boundaries, provoking a feeling of dream-like unease by compromising the sense of safety, privacy and shelter that a wall usually provides.(…)


Your New Pet Blo-nut

Harvey Bewley (in collaboration with the IxD lab at ITU) seeks to open up the design space for robot companionship by exploring forms and materials decoupled from the traditional human/animal robot aesthetic.(…)


Pour Reception

Pour Reception is a playful radio that strives to challenge our cultural understanding of what an interface is and can be. By using capacitive sensing and machine learning, two glasses of water are turned into a digital material for the user to explore and appropriate.(…)



What are the politics and aesthetics involved in synthesized voices? What happens during the listening experience when the voice we hear is synthesized? What are the notions of identity, personhood and will that we ascribe to the synthesized voices talking to us?(…)


Elsinore at the Head of a New National Digital Initiative

With the support of 192,000 DKK from the Development Fund from the Agency for Culture and Palaces, Elsinore will lead the development of a new nationwide newsletter (…)


Catch Crystal Ball Get-together

Do You Wanna See What the Future Might Look like? May 19 2017 we held an event for our current and future collaborators (..)


Collaboration with the company Knud E. Hansen

Together with company Knud E. Hansen and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design we are investigating how to visualize the virtual reality experience for multiple users (…)


Collaboration with the company A Gothic Tale

Together with students from the Natural and Cultural Heritage Management Program at Copenhagen University/Metropol the company A Gothic Tale has been working with the museum Flynderupgård to create a new exhibition design (…)