Catch is incubating new ideas together with companies and local cultural institutions. We are focused on providing an environment, where people can co-create and develop the foundation for new transdisciplinary initiatives and companies.

2018 / 2017

Elsinore at the Head of a New National Digital Initiative

With the support of 192,000 DKK from the Development Fund from the Agency for Culture and Palaces, Elsinore will lead the development of a new nationwide newsletter (…)


Jakob Kvist & Nordvestskolen

Together with Jakob Kvist & Nordvestskolen, a local public school in the north-west part of Elsinore, Catch is investigating how light can impact a learning environment(…)


Light Me Up!

– A new generation outdoor artistic lighting systems that run solely on solar panels(…)


Catch Crystal Ball Get-together

Do You Wanna See What the Future Might Look like? May 19 2017 we held an event for our current and future collaborators (..)


Collaboration with the company Knud E. Hansen

Together with company Knud E. Hansen and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design we are investigating how to visualize the virtual reality experience for multiple users (…)


Collaboration with the company A Gothic Tale

Together with students from the Natural and Cultural Heritage Management Program at Copenhagen University/Metropol the company A Gothic Tale has been working with the museum Flynderupgård to create a new exhibition design (…)