Sofie Edvard

Sofie Edvard holds a MA- degree in Fashion design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Design and is working as assistant professor at the Sustainable Fashion department at Copenhagen School of design and technology. She has owned and run several fashion companies; DEVANDERVAR/Hektøj, MOS Copenhagen and currently Modul Studio.


In Modul Studio Sofie Edvard seeks to design long lasting garments that are meant to have a meaningful impact on the wearer. Her design is unique module-based trans seasonal garments and interior design products with a focus on sustainability and durability.

Her passion is within the role of the future fashion designer. How can the fashion designer reclaim her/his position in the fashion industry and start focusing on the importance of the thorough design-process as well as a circular business perspective.
She holds the following holistic mantra, based on ethics, aesthetics and empathy,: do good, create durable products and respect others.