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Staging the Future of Technologies Vol. 2

Talent development programme for performing arts and technology in collaboration with HAUT, Catch & CLICK Festival supported by Bikubenfonden.  

Through an open call, two groups were been curated for a collaboration between the artistic and technological practices. In the two videos below both the artists involved and the organizations responsible share results and insights gained throughout the process.

The past year the organizations have worked closely together to develop the program. It has been a process where we as organizations have also learned together and developed our own practice. In addition to the fantastic artistic experiments created by the participating artists, we have had the opportunity to get to know each other over a long period of time and explore and investigate how we as organizations with different disciplines can support new, artistic development processes. See the video here: Organizations working together.

Two projects grew out of the exploratory talent programs and here you can hear the participants sharing their experiences and knowledge gained throughout the process: Participants sharing insights.

About the selected projects


The laboratory project memoryMechanics explores how bodies and machines can create collective memories together.

A series of experiments will explore the relationship – and the possibilities of interaction – between a collaborative artificial intelligence, dance, movement, body and evoking memories. memoryMechanics takes the form of both performance and an interactive space where the audience can contribute to and explore a kind of shared memory archive documented as sound and body positions.

memoryMechanics is a collaboration between interaction designers Maja Fagerberg Ranten and Mads Hobye, computer science professor Troels Andreasen, as well as actor Lise Aagaard Knudsen and dancer / choreographer Karen Eide Bøen.



Inspired by feminist sci-fi literature, ancient poetry, ecofeminist thinkers and motherhood, the Sumerian goddess Inanna is rewritten and embodied in the form of a cyborg mother goddess who takes us on a journey through time and space. From ancient rituals and spiritual underworlds to interplanetary ecosystems and aerospace technology, from wedge writing to text generation with Artificial Intelligence, from a 5-year-old’s utterances to climate and environmental activist voices, a multilingual, polyphonic native language is created, mediated through cyborg mother.

With roots in research-based text material, audio and video excerpts from Nanna Lysholt Hansen’s video work Dear Daughter / Sen_sing_inannainanna (Russ, Shiva, Klein), created in collaboration with visual artist Stathis Tsemberlidis, Nina Cecilie Højholdt and Nanna Lysholt Hansen will develop a hybrid technological body and voice, where aspects memory, language and narratives are put to the test.


About Staging the Future of Technologies

HAUT, Catch and CLICK Festival continues with their second year of Staging the Future of Technologies. The project is based on a shared vision of setting the frame for interdisciplinary, artistic research and talent development within the field of performing arts and technology. Through Staging the Future of Technologies Vol. 2 (SFT Vol. 2) we offer two artistic, interdisciplinary development projects pivoting around AI (artificial intelligence). The projects aims at performers and tech-based artists with an idea for a scenic experiment/project. The result of the artistic process will be a part of the CLICK Festival 2020 with the opportunity for further guidance.


In the past years, AI has become a buzzword in the tech-world. Following, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of a significant amount of the products we surround ourselves with, but what is AI, and how will artificial intelligence affect us and the society we live in? And what role does art play?

The development of AI is characterized by being based on interdisciplinary research within software, language, neurology, anthropology, quantum physics, mathematics, sociology and more. Through STF Vol. 2, we wish to include the arts to this long list of disciplines and to examine how the arts can contribute to the understanding, development and the communication of artificial intelligence. We want to create a platform for research within the performing arts that demystifies the technology, and questions as well as reveals the potential in the interaction between the performing arts and technology.


About HAUT and CLICK Festival

HAUT is a theatre that focus on development and experimentation that create new artistic expressions, put our contemporary society into perspective and that point to the future. Through open calls, HAUT offers residencies for projects within the performing arts following their format Eksil. The objective is to highlight the artistic process. The Exile culminates in opening the artistic workspace to an audience. Read more at www.hautscene.dk

CLICK Festival is an international contemporary arts festival that takes place annually in May at the Culture Yard in Elsinore. Through installations, performances, talks, concerts, workshops and seminars the festival examines interfaces, experiences and the opportunities for development in the intersection of art, science, and technology. The festival finds it inspiration in and works around annual themes. Read more at www.clickfestival.dk


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