Open Call - Staging The Future of Technologies Vol. 2Fall 2019


Staging the Future of Technologies Vol. 2

Talent development programme for performing arts and technology in collaboration with HAUT, Catch & CLICK Festival.  

In 2020, HAUT, Catch and CLICK Festival will continue their shared vision of setting the frame for interdisciplinary, artistic research and talent development within the field of performing arts and technology. Through Staging the Future of Technologies Vol. 2 (SFT Vol. 2) we offer two artistic, interdisciplinary development projects pivoting around AI (artificial intelligence). The projects are aimed at performers and tech-based artists with an idea for a scenic experiment/project. The result of the artistic process will be a part of the CLICK Festival 2020 with the opportunity for further guidance.



In the past years, AI has become a buzzword in the tech-world. Following, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of a significant amount of the products we surround ourselves with, but what is AI, and how will artificial intelligence affect us and the society we live in? And what role does art play?

The development of AI is characterized by being based on interdisciplinary research within software, language, neurology, anthropology, quantum physics, mathematics, sociology and more. Through STF Vol. 2, we wish to include the arts to this long list of disciplines and to examine how the arts can contribute to the understanding, development and the communication of artificial intelligence. We want to create a platform for research within the performing arts that demystifies the technology, and questions as well as reveals the potential in the interaction between the performing arts and technology.


We seek:

Therefore, HAUT, Catch and CLICK are looking for professional performers and tech-based artists who:

      • want to unravel the potential within the interaction between the performing arts and technology.
      • Have a specific idea for a scenic project/a scenic examination with AI as a focal point.
      • Are willing to open up their process for an audience, and to continuously document the artistic process and the group’s reflections.
      • Are curious to move beyond the classical notions and stereotypes concerning technology: utopia vs. dystopia.
      • Wish to examine new narrative structures that artificial intelligence, machines and technology might bring forth.

Both disciplines should be represented in the two projects. Therefore, it is possible to apply as a group that comprises both professions, or as an individual performer/tech-based artist. Individual applicants either performers or tech-based artists, will in the application have to state what qualifications they look for in a potential partner to realise their idea. In the curation, the individual applicants will be put together with a partner with the needed artistic skill set.


We offer:

      • The setting for artistic development, new interdisciplinary collaboration and network.
      • Guidance concerning the artistic project, technological/scenic problems, production, economy as well as festival participation.
      • The opportunity to showcase your project at CLICK Festival 2020.
      • Payment for additional participating artists of 30.000 Dkk (max 60.000 pr project).
      • To cover production costs up to 40.000 Dkk.
      • Administration and financial management of the project in collaboration with the artists.
      • Guidance in relation to the further development of the project after CLICK Festival 2020.


Practical Information 

The project will start in January 2020 and culminate in a showcasing of the project at CLICK Festival in Elsinore the 23th – 24th of May 2020. During the fall of 2019, we will expect to see you for several preliminary meetings

      • Monday the 21th of October 2019. Preliminary meeting at the Culture Yard, Elsinore.
      • Wednesday the 13th of November 2019. The first administrative meeting at HAUT, Copenhagen.
      • Wednesday the 20th of November 2019. First artistic meeting at HAUT, Copenhagen.
      • Friday the 6th of December 2019. Introduction to CLICK Festival at the Culture Yard, Elsinore.
      • Saturday the 14th of March 2020. Midway showing at Catch, Elsinore.

Selected artists have to be available on all dates.

In the project period, the daily work will take place at Catch at the Culture Yard in Elsinore. Access to workspaces will be arranged at the preliminary meeting. The result of the project is expected to be a showcase of the work at CLICK Festival. The project is to be realized in the context of a festival and should therefore possess a certain mobility and flexibility.


How to Apply:

Send us:

  1. A motivational letter including:
        • An idea for an artistic development project with AI as a focal point.
        • A description of the scenic and the technological elements in the project.
        • A description of your qualifications and practice.
        • A description of your partners professionel profile, if you are applying as an individual artist.                               
        • Your vision and future hopes for the project.
  1. A resumé for all the involved (max. 1 page).
  2. Optionally, documentation and/or Inspirational material.

Send the application as one combined pdf to put STF Vol. 2 in the subject field.

Deadline the 20th of September.

If you have any question, send an email to



We look for applicants with a strong professionalism and qualified practice within one’s field. Furthermore, we prioritize artistic ideas and visions which point towards the development of new scenic languages and formats guided by scenic and technological means.


About HAUT and CLICK Festival

HAUT is a theatre that focus on development and experimentation that create new artistic expressions, put our contemporary society into perspective and that point to the future. Through open calls, HAUT offers residencies for projects within the performing arts following their format Eksil. The objective is to highlight the artistic process. The Exile culminates in opening the artistic workspace to an audience. Read more at

CLICK Festival is an international contemporary arts festival that takes place annually in May at the Culture Yard in Elsinore. Through installations, performances, talks, concerts, workshops and seminars the festival examines interfaces, experiences and the opportunities for development in the intersection of art, science, and technology. The festival finds it inspiration in and works around annual themes. Read more at


Staging the Future of Technologies Vol. 2 is supported by Bikuben Fonden