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In conversation about possible futures

Techies & Artist is a podcast series in four episodes delving into questions concerning emerging technologies. We want to dive deeper into how these technologies shape our communities, our realities, our democracies and our planet now and in the future. And investigate where we have the possibilities to affect our technological futures. To frame these discussions, we have invited techies, artists and scientists to take part in the conversations and bring together knowledge from their respective fields.

The podcast series is developed in collaboration with fellow hosts Katrine K. Pedersen, Head of Education and Art and Tech Lab at ARKEN Museum og Modern Art; Marie Gørvild, sociologist; and Nicklas Larsen, senior advisor and futurist at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. We each host one episode and present four different perspectives on the same field of interest. Below you can read more about the content of the single episodes, and find links to online listening.

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The four episodes

#1 What comes after Big Tech?
The all encompassing big tech platforms are in many ways bigger than ever, but also facing growing opposition and criticism. In this first episode of Techies and Artist, we entertain a future without a few dominating digital platforms, when we ask: What comes after Big tech? Who is practising alternatives – and can we have digital technologies on other terms than we have today? You will meet a professor interested in alternative digital structures and an artist turned entrepreneur, who is behind a startup that he describes as the ethical Airbnb.

#2 Blurred Realities 
Our physical and digital worlds are merging and science fiction becomes reality with the arrival of the collective conceptual idea of the metaverse. Today we already see the early signs of virtual worlds and digital layers. In this episode we take a closer look at the future of the internet as it goes from 2D to 3D together with Simon Lajboschitz, Co-founder and CEO at Khora VR and performing artist and immersion designer Jakob la Cour. Tune in as we explore new applications of immersive tech with the award-winning trailblazers across domains of social impact, mental health, art and mysticism.

#3 Reimagining infrastructures
WWW was framed as the first truly democratic communication platform, a decentralised network open for everyone. Today the internet is commercialised and our primary online activities are governed by commercial infrastructures. The blockchain came along in 2008 and immediately people described it as a coming of a new infrastructure that is more open, democratic and more decentralised. We have invited two guests to talk to us about the possibilities and the dangers of the blockchain: Danish artist and entrepreneur Cecilie Wagner Falkenstrøm and researcher Natalia Avlona from Copenhagen University.

#4 Cosmic care
In this final and fourth episode, we will zoom in on one of THE most important challenges in the future of tech: Climate emergency! The climate crisis is at a critical moment and future strategies is not about quick fixing sustainable solutions – hope lies in acknowledging climate change as systematic inequalities. It is not about egoes – it’s about the planet. Moving forward towards sutainable futures we need to deconstruct the human centred perspective that has led to humanity positioning itself superior to other species. In this era of climate urgency, a vertical approach to innovation is replacing the neoliberal linear move-fast-and-break-things approach. Join us as we explore sustainable futures and ecological connectedness with Gry Worre Hallberg, artistic director and PhD and Michael Reibel Boesen co-founder of Massive Earth. He is transferring talent from the old economy, to a new and more sustainable one.