About Catch

Catch is exploring and developing new ideas at the intersection of technology, art and design
Catch is located at the Culture Yard in Elsinore

City Center for Art, Technology, and Design Education


About Catch

Catch is Elsinore’s city center for creative education and innovation operating at the intersection of art, technology, and design. Founded in 2016 with the support of the Elsinore Municipality, Catch takes a practice-based and open-door approach to learning, offering year-round workshops, institutional and independent collaborations, a makerspace (currently being re-developed) and co-working space, public exhibitions, and on-site and off-site programming.


Education as Activism

We believe in individual and community empowerment through skill sharing and support a policy of open access to information that is inspired by the global art and maker community. Through our exhibitions, collaborations, workshops, and other community-strengthening programming, we seek to foster curiosity and nurture DIY (Do It Yourself) )and DIT (Do It Together) instruction. Embracing the practice of creating as thinking — we bring together experts from a variety of specialties and backgrounds to explore and disseminate ideas through an interdisciplinary lens.


Programming and Outreach

Our programming evolves holistically from our ongoing and ever-extending dialogue within and beyond the Elsinore municipality. Working with local and visiting artists, researchers, technologists, educational institutions, corporations, festivals, and non-profit organizations, we discover new directions for our gallery and programming that adapts to the interests of our visitors.


Collaboration and Community Building

At Catch, everyone has the potential to be both teacher and learner. By encouraging peer-to-peer learning, we offer a platform for the public to come together to share both questions and solutions through hands-on prototyping and cooperative exploration of ideas. Through sharing knowledge, techniques, and concepts, we continue to hone our skills and expand our practices.


Inclusion and Diversity

Catch fosters diversity and inclusivity through collaborations that consider how technology, design, and the arts influence and are influenced by the greater community. As a small organization, we benefit tremendously by partnering with local and international institutions that enrich our network of individuals and ideas. We are committed to supporting feminist and democratic ideals by bringing together artists of diverse genders, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds who become a part of who we are and what we represent.


Local and Global

Though supported greatly by the municipality, our activities extend outside of Elsinore into greater Denmark and beyond. In our four years, we have worked with numerous national and international individuals and organizations, serving as a cultural hub where makers and thinkers from all over the world can discuss and develop innovative approaches. Collaborations with like-minded organizations, educational institutions and maker spaces outside of Elsinore allows us to develop international programming that brings new concepts and techniques to our community while at the same time sharing our own work outside of Denmark.


Our Location

Catch is located in the Helsingør Cultural Harbour at Kulturværftet about one hour north of Copenhagen. Our space reflects our goal of learning through doing. We have a large multi-use gallery space for exhibitions, workshops, and presentations that is often used in all three capacities at once. Our location is easily accessible by train from Copenhagen as well as by ferry from Helsingborg (Sweden). Nearby, you will find public artworks, museums, galleries, the market hall Madmarkedet, and Kronborg Castle.


Strategy for 2021-2025

We have developed a new strategy which we aim to work for the coming five years. Currently, the strategy is only available in Danish, but we are on the process of creating an English translation and will update the website once this is ready.

Read the strategy here.

Opening Hours

In addition to being open for events, you are welcome to visit us. Write us an email and let us know when you are coming. We will return to our usual opening hours in September.


Majken Overgaard
Progam Manager

Villads Tobias Schou

Program developer

Klara Sif Karlson

Program developer