Anders Anton Hornstrup

Anders Anton Hornstrup describes himself as an autodidact futurist and information architect. He has experience working as a programmer, designer, project manager at Danmarks Radio (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Dagbladet Børsen (Danish newspaper focused on business news) and in several IT start-ups. In his spare time he has made documentaries and interactive exhibitions. The question how does information make money in the future? is a pivot in Ander’s praxis. As he sees it, humans are stories and data and if information are a commodity, then the key object is to figure out how we share the most and following how we make the most of it. Ander’s wish is to examine how we can trade and act in the future, as it will give us new ideas, cooperation and commercial possibilities in the present. Through the method of design fiction, Anders envisions and maps out fictive situations that give us insight into several potential futures and through these - the future with the greatest potential.