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In the spring we initiated a collaboration between Catch, our local museum Museerne Helsingør and students from our local high school, U/nord in the field of Communication/IT and Design.
The students were given the task of communicating their city, Elsinore, via an audio narrative. The museum provided inspiration for historical content, Catch provided technological inspiration and told about the purpose of starting the collaboration, namely to invite more people to tell the city’s stories; we have become so used to hearing the same stories about Elsinore, stories about Kronborg, the sound toll and the shipyard, but maybe there are other stories hidden among the residents of the city?

The students have worked on developing three audio narratives. One based on Elsinore’s past, one from our present and one from a future Elsinore, where the city has been flooded, but the city’s houses still stand on the seabed.

You can listen to the stories here:

The Past

The Present

The Future