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We live in a world where the divide between those who know something about technology and those who do not is getting bigger and bigger. Particularly among young people, there is a need to work with their awareness of technology and rights in a society that is largely based on increased digitalisation.

Catch and the local Youth Center have established a collaboration to create programs that aim to increase knowledge about technology and creativity for young people as a way towards employment.

In 2021-2022 we will focus on the new facilities for the newly established Youthcenter at Gl. Banegårdsvej near the city center. Artist Jacob Tækker, will collaborate with a group of young people to design and build new furniture and decorations for the house. A local company has built a mobile milling cutter for Catch, witch enable us to move around the city and create on site where ever it is needed.

We want to create environments that have an organic quality and reflect the young people’s wishes, the function of the rooms and Tækker’s artistic approach.

Through this creative learning environment we want to create a sense of process, inclusiveness and art and design as well as give them new creative tools and skills to be able to move forward in the education system. They will learn all aspects of the creative process from idea to artistic and design product.