Catch Collective

Catch Collective is an overall term for our workshop activities in the old shipyard
Rasmus from Underbroen and Thomas from Circuit Circus working with the CNC cutter in our workshop.

The Catch Collective is constituted of local creative entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and students. We set the frame for our members to grow and develop through experiments and offer professional counseling. 

In the workshop we offer a variety of different machines and tools that support digital fabrication methods such as 3d-printing, laser-cutting and cnc-milling. 

Join Catch Collective

Are you working within the fields of art, technology and/or design and need a place to work? Catch offers various types of memberships depending on your needs.

We are developing a new format for our memberships at the moment, and will soon update with new information on types of memberships and prices.

In the meantime, questions regarding joining the collective can be addressed to Majken Overgaard at

Catch Collective Facilities


Krydsfeltet is our co-working space located at the Culture Yard. It is a spacious room with a wonderful view of the harbour front. 

As a member of Catch Collective you will get a desk and the possibility to showcase some of your work. You will be sharing the workspace with like-minded creatives from different fields and of course the Catch staff. From time to time parts of the space is also used for educational purposes. Despite this, it is always possible to work in the room. 

Hal 16

Hal 16 is the name of our workshop located in the old historical shipyard next to Krydsfeltet. At our workshop you can find new digital production facilities; we currently have a big laser-cutter, several 3d-printers, a full sheet CNC router, and a wide variety of basic construction tools – mainly for wood. 

We co-develop the workshop space with our users, expanding with new workstations when the need arises. With our current machines we have a solid starting point for any project and idea that you want to realise. 

We can build it for you or we can teach you how to use the machines yourself. To use the machines on your own, an introduction course is required. These are held regularly. We can also train you within the concept of Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM).


Machines available in Hal 16

Bodor Laser-cutter (150watt – size 1300×900) 

  • All types of wood for engraving, cutting is max. 10mm MDF, 8mm Valcromat, plywwod 6,5mm
  • Acrylic can be cut up to 15mm, and engraving can be done in most plastic materials (NO PVC – bog no go)
  • Leather, Textiles, Some stone Marble, Lime et.c 
  • Most organic materials

Prusa I3 mk3 3d-printer

  • PLA

CNC router (size 2500×1250)

  • All types of wood
  • aluminum
  • we are open for test in new materials – no steel though

 basic construction tools

  • mainly for wood