Catch Collective

Catch Collective is an overall term for our workshop activities in the old shipyard.
Rasmus from Underbroen and Thomas from Circuit Circus working with the CNC cutter in our workshop.

The Catch Collective is constituted of our many collaborators local creative entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, students and educational institutions.

Elsinore has historically showed a unique ability to rethink itself and develop new business areas. When the sound toll was lifted, the shipyard came to, and when the shipyard activities ceased, the city re-emerged as a tourist destination and the cultural port was developed. To complement and continue to develop the city’s cultural profile, Catch has over the years worked with digital fabrication and the culture associated with it, where more and more people via new machines such as laser cutters, 3D printers, etc. develops own productions. This is called maker culture, i.e. culture where everyone has the opportunity to create.

Based on the experience Catch has gained over the years, we are currently looking into developing a larger community, which can accommodate both education, incubation environment, co-working space, office communities and workshop. In the meantime a smaller mobile workshop will be established making it possible to create collaborations around around town and show what’s possible.

Join Catch Collective

Are you working within the fields of art, technology and/or design and need a place to work? Please get in touch

Questions regarding joining the collective can be addressed to Majken Overgaard at

Catch Collective Facilities


Krydsfeltet is our co-working space located at the Culture Yard. It is a spacious room with a wonderful view of the harbour front. 

As a member of Catch Collective you will get a desk and the possibility to showcase some of your work. You will be sharing the workspace with like-minded creatives from different fields and of course the Catch staff. From time to time parts of the space is also used for educational purposes. Despite this, it is always possible to work in the room. 

Hal 16

Hal 16 is the name of our workshop located in the old historical shipyard next to Krydsfeltet. Due to COVID19 we had to close our activities in the spring 2020. We are currently looking into new possibilities for a future workshop in the shipyard.