DataKoreografierSpring 2021 (current)

Project description

The Data Choreographies is an transdiciplinary collaboration between the research project Choreographic Programming at University of Southern Denmark (SDU), the artists Jesper Just and Honey Biba Beckerlee, creative coder Andreas Refsgaard and choreographer Simone Wierød, Passage Festival, and curator and PhD student Anne Julie Arnfred from Roskilde University (RUC).

The project is based on the research project Choreographic Programming at SDU, which investigates how to elegantly design a language that can express the choreographies (protocols) that determine the interactions that a network of computers must follow. Through the new choreographic language, the project investigates how to develop automated algorithms that can translate an overall choreography into specialized programs for each of the computers involved.

The intention is that the investigations will end up in an exhibition as an affective (and public) space, where new connections and knowledge are created in the interplay between practices, theory, situated knowledge and the audience over time. The process of developing the exhibition is just as essential as the exhibition itself. The artists, the curator, the situated knowledge practices and the partners are involved in four workshops (see appendix). Here, artistic and curatorial as well as computer science techniques and methods are discussed, and theoretical and situated modes of knowledge are included in the relational process that emerge as part of exhibition production. The participants are, based on their different practices, both experts, teachers and students – and the curator is the facilitator rather than one author. The audience is involved physically and affectively through e.g. performative measures and events. In addition, narratives and artifacts are included, to create an entaglement of artistic and scientific relations about data choreographies and what happens when they materialize and are performed through art. 

The project is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.