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Stage director Freja Rault-Lykkeberg held a workshop series in collaboration with Catch at the Culture Yard in Elsinore.

Everyone has talent for something. It’s just not everyone who has yet met a community where they can be allowed to express and cultivate this talent. The intention of these three open workshops is that more people will have the opportunity to be introduced to technology and the possibilities of the performing arts, to immerse themselves and thereby could express their views on our society through a focused work with body, text, materials and space.

Freja Rault-Lykkeberg is concerned with how existing art and cultural institutions invite new audiences into the world of art? How can we, based on the current exhibition, work with young people’s identity and social understanding? With this initiative, we try to search for a new format that we hope can create inspiration to open up and create new involving encounters between young people, art and cultural institutions and thereby create communities of interest.

The 2-hour workshop is based on the exhibition Data data data developed by Catch and the Danish Museum of Science and Technology, and participants are introduced to the current exhibition as well as a brief historical perspective on the subject of data, by host Majken Overgaard. All participants will stay introduced to the theater method “devising” which is based on the current theme ‘data’. Through two hours, the participants must work together as well as work independently to interpret the selected theme. The workshop ends with short views of participants’ work with data.

The Ministry of Culture’s pool for artistic summer activities in Denmark