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A wayfinding experience in Elsinore Municipality 

Created by the City Lab as a task for students of HTX and HF in collaboration with Catch.

The City Lab in Elsinore presented students from HTX and HF in Elsinore with the challenge of designing an alternative route from Culture Harbour to the city center in Elsinore  – creating a new path between the port and the city center during renovations of Hestemøllestræde in the summer of 2020. Elsinore Municipality plans to climate adapt and renovate the pavement of Hestemøllestræde during the summer of 2020. During this period the important access between the Culture Harbour and the city center will be closed, and in this period the task of guiding both citizens and tourists on an exciting alternative route arises.

The task

The task was therefore to establish a good detour  – a form of wayfinding between the dock and the city center, and in the city center. We generally wish young people to have a stronger voice in relation to our city’s urban spaces, finding out how they would like to use the city and how to create urban design that also appeals to them. The students  created 3-5 new objects/installations for the the urban space, that will go into dialog with the city space, the citizens and the tourists passing through.