Exhibition by Danish Museum of Science and TechnologyWinter 2020

Exhibition at Catch 

by The Danish Museum of Science and Technology


Framework for collaboration 2020-21

The academic goal of the collaboration is to collectively explore, together with citizens and tourists, how we can create a new technological consciousness, where we actively use technology rather than technology uses us. We base the technology on what is relevant to citizens and tourists in Elsinore, this can be both global challenges and local angles and thoughts about our common technological reality.

In addition, it is also a goal of the collaboration to investigate a new possible form of collaboration, where we establish a framework for which we develop content during 2020-21.

We want to experiment with open, network-based collaborations between the institutions and how this can be implemented in new user-oriented offers.


Spring 2020 : Exhibition

In March we will open a collective exhibition at Catch focusing on openness in technology. Transparency in terms of both our use of data and how we can ensure that both our software and hardware is open and accessible. We will investigate what data really is. How do we store data and how is our data used? And we will show how, both present and in the past, we have worked with different types of data storage, some of which have been open systems, while others have been closed. In addition, artistic projects are included to the extent that it makes sense for the theme of the exhibition. It could be Cyrus Clarke’s and Monika Seyfried’s Grow Your Own Cloud project.



In connection with the exhibition, a number of guided tours/talks facilitated by the museum, are held at the exhibition.

The exhibitions will be open at Catch Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 p.m. 10-16.


Fall 2020

In the Fall of 2020, the collaboration will also have exhibition as a focal point. In conjunction with the exhibition, we will develop educational courses together, for classes in the Municipality of Elsinore as well as dissemination services for adults and tourists.



The 2021 collaborations are not defined. Our goal is to let the project develop organically so that we can seize the ideas that arise from the collaboration. However, the framework will be to continue developing exhibition projects together and trying out different dissemination formats.