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Data Data Data

Exhibition at Catch – in collaboration with The Danish Museum of Science and Technology

The exhibition ‘Data data data’ explores how we can create a new awareness of the use of data and its consequences. Today, many feel that the possibility of controlling the use of our private data is under pressure. Therefore, the Technical Museum of Denmark and Catch focus on the development of technology for storing and disseminating data, as well as how companies and states can access our personal data and how this has affected our society through time.

Data trading has become one of the largest business areas in the world today. We get free access to new apps in return for releasing data about ourselves, which is often resold in a global marketplace. There are microphones and cameras in our computers, phones and even fire alarms and refrigerators. We talk to our digital devices via Siri, Alexa and other intelligent programs, but who is listening? Technology helps us in our everyday lives, but as an ordinary citizen, it is difficult to understand the consequences of using various apps and digital platforms. Is the use of our private data by the state and corporations undermining our basic human rights and thus our democracy?

In the exhibition you can experience technologies which examplifies how storage, processing and the understanding of data has evolved over time. We show examples of analogue storage of data in various materials from the late 1700s and 1800s to several of the technological breakthroughs happening in the 20th century, including magnetic data storage and optical storage.

In these years, we no longer have CDs or ring binders at home. Most of our data is in the “cloud”, ie. at data centers found all over the world. In particular, Denmark has become an attractive area for the construction of data centers. We take a look at the role of data centers in today’s society, and put them and data storage in a historical perspective. However, we are also looking into the future and exploring how we can develop new forms of data storage, where the individual citizen regains ownership and control over his/her own data.

The exhibition will open at Catch June 26th 2020, 16.00-17.30. Due to COVID19 restrictions we have limitations as to the number of guests. If you want to attend please send an email to

About the collaboration

The exhibition is part of a larger 2-year collaboration between Catch and the Technical Museum of Denmark. The goal of the collaboration is to explore how we can create a new awareness of technology – where we become active users  of technology rather than being used by technology. We will investigate themes and technologies that are relevant to citizens and tourists in Elsinore – this can be global challenges as well as local angles and thoughts about our common technological reality. We want to experiment with open, network-based collaborations between the institutions and how this can be implemented in new user-oriented offers. 



Download exhibition folder – English

Download exhibition folder – Danish