Fireplace & WaterholeApril 2019 -

Ildstedet og Vandhullet, The Fireplace and The Waterhole, is an artwork to-be developed by the artist duo Mathias & Mathias in collaboration with Espergærde Gymnasium and HF, and Catch.

Mathias & Mathias are developing a public space for Espergærde that will investigate how an urban space can facilitate human interactions that are both physically and intellectually stimulating?

The artwork interprets the fireplace and the waterhole as the first places for interpersonal civilization and it will strive to tie together the surrounding institutions and community. The fireplace is the hotbed for storytelling and the creation of identity, while the waterhole is man’s anchorpoint to nature. Into the design of the area, the artists have planned to integrate a waterhole with running water, a functioning fireplace, seating, a small stage and a garden that will change with the seasons. Besides serving several practical purposes the pavilion is an artwork that will function in its own aesthetics. To visualise and to animate the pavillion the artists will also work on a light design using 3D printers.

The artwork has been funded by Statens Kunstfond. 


A project sketch


Mathias & Mathias

The artist duo Mathias & Mathias, Mathias Toubro and Mathias Dyhr, creates spacious narratives and they firmly believe in the art’s ability to change and affect our society to the better. They often find inspiration in the public debate, art history, and in the places where art and the public interests intersect.