Fairies, Butterflies and Flying ObjectsWorkshop by Mari KetosFall 2020 (previous)

– A workshop presented by Everyday Alchemist

What do recycled cardboard, new technologies and biodiversity have in common? Where do the fairies live and what in the world is an ornithopter?

We invite you to workshops that give an enchanting look into a wonderland, which is based on Nordic folklore, the current state of nature and how to turn worthless materials into a flying object!

Thousands of butterflies cut out of cardboard form the background for the Finnish artist Mari Keto’s stories about nature, magic and how to use it in art.

Together we build ornithopters, small flying, wing fluttering things that you can take home.


Between 15-18. September in Catch at The Culture Yard school classes in the 1st to 4th grade were invited to Catch, to create flying objects and learn about the mythologies of fairies. The workshop was held by Mari Keto, lasted 1.5 hours and started at 10 every day.

‘Everyday alchemist’ is artist Mari Keto’s long-term and living project, where she transforms rubbish and misplaced material through an artistic and/or technological process into objects of value and dignity.

The workshop was supported by the Royal Palaces and Culture Agency’s pool for artistic summer activities in Denmark and took place at Catch – Center for Art, Technology and Design in Elsinore.


Article about the workshop from Elsinore Municipality