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Future Sustainable Theater is a collaborative project between Catch, Malmö University, Helsingør Teater and Passage Festival. 

Helsingør Teater and Passage Festival are currently investigating how theater can become more sustainable. To support them in the process we teamed them up with a group of students from the interaction design master program at Malmö University, who investigated what the future sustainable theater looks like. Theater as we know it requires a lot of resources – human, technical and material resources, and transportation resources if the theater is touring. By investigating current initiatives around the world of how theater can be practiced in a more sustainable way, this project focuses on developing new design proposals for a Future Sustainable Theater. What needs to change and what do we need to keep for it to still be recognised as theater? And what role might technology play?

The project approaches sustainability from an artistic and aesthetic viewpoint. It is the main belief that by sensing and accessing the world from a poetic rather than a rational perspective, we might be able to develop a sense of connectedness with nature and the planet we inhabit. It is therefore important to cherish the artistic practice of theater, and focus on developing a sustainable format for this art genre. 

The project has resulted in multiple short videos that can be combined to one longer video depicting future scenarios of The Future Sustainable Theater. You can watch all of them here on the site. The project will furthermore be presented at the conference “NORDIC STREET Sustainability of the Arts”, which will take place from the 9th to the 11th of June 2022 in Helsingør and Helsingborg in the context of the H22 City Expo



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