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How to broaden the scope of what technology is and who creates it 

Technology affects our lives in many, many ways. From the moment we wake up we are surrounded by technology – technology that often is developed by a small demography in our society – men. 

Therefore, we started the blog “Greater Spaces” in March 2020 at largest tech site in DK (founded by the Danish union of engineers, but today independently run). The blog focuses on creating more diversity in tech by publishing interviews with women and people identifying as queer or non-binary. We wanted to demonstrate that there are many women out there doing amazing things with technology. We wanted to broaden the scope and create a greater space for what and who constitute technology today. 

The goal with the blog has been the following:

  • Broadening the idea of what tech is
  • Broadening the scope of who creates technology
  • Raise up women in tech

In the spring 2021 students from Malmö University explored how we can develop the blog even further.  Currently, we have approx. 1000 readers pr. post. The readers are primarily people already reading news etc. at, which is a good thing, because we initially wanted to broaden the readers on’s idea of what technology is and who creates it. However, now we are looking to broaden the scope of our blog. Therefore, we would like the following:

  • Develop new media partnerships in order to reach new audiences 
  • Keep broadening the scope and include more artists designers 
  • Develop a larger community around the blog 
  • Include the community in writing posts and disseminating the existing interviews
  • Develop a format for video sessions with the interviewees