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Welcome to Greater Spaces, a blog at by Catch and Vanessa Julia Carpenter where we expand the narrative about what technology is and who creates it. We focus on Danish and international female role models within technology and between these interviews, we share the most interesting things that are happening around us, with a focus on diversity.

It’s 2020 and a new decade has arrived. Tech has become commonplace in our lives, whether at home, at work, in relation to our transportation, or even on/in our bodies. As part of this shift to a technology-based society, we focus on inclusivity and diversity in technology, since it’s necessary to include as many people as possible in developing the technology that shapes our lives. To expand the current narrative of technology, and inspire a trend toward non-binary values, we speak with outstanding women working with technology in six areas: hardware, software, art, culture, research and design.

We’ve been creating art, technology, businesses and events together for more than a decade. We originally joined forces because as women, we were often the only women in a network or at an event and we instantly formed a bond, realizing the potential of working with the other. Throughout the years, we’ve created many opportunities for people to explore the possibilities of technology and have created networks of people working to change the future of technology for the better.

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