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Healing art in Elsinore Municipality

Three artists have been selected to create permanent artworks for Elsinore’s upcoming Health Center. Taking their point of departure in the local context, the three artists will each offer their suggestion of ​​what ‘healthy art’ can be.

Through an open call, the Municipality of Elsinore and the Danish Arts Foundation have invited artists to submit their ideas for an art installation, which is to be implemented in the area around Elsinore’s new Health Center. The artworks will engage in a dialogue with the identity of the Health Center and will match the vision behind the house; a desire for a healing health institution that consists of connected communities and appears open and accessible to the individual citizen.

The selected artists are Ragnhild May, Wendy Plovmand and Rune Brink Hansen. Common to their ideas, they are all site-specific and will entail a technological dimension. Furthermore, Ragnhild May and Wendy Plovmand will make use of local participation as part of the development of their works. During the coming fall the development process will begin, adapting the ideas to the physical surroundings of the Health Center.

The project, which is funded by Elsinore Municipality and The Danish Arts Foundation, is part of an old tradition, which integrated art into Danish health institutions, as the arts have a positive effect patients as well as staff. The artworks will be completed in 2021 simultaneously with the new Health Center.


About the selected artists

Ragnhild May works in the intersection of the visual arts and sound art. Through her installations, sculptures and performances she seeks to break with the traditional boundaries between the visual arts and music. Several of her works take departure in the body and she has developed a series of her own instruments, which play with the idea of ​​cyborgs and robots. For the Health Center, Ragnhild May will develop a playful, sculptural soundinstallation.


Rune Brink Hansen investigates how light and darkness can shape our spatial surroundings and create new understandings of how we experience the world around us. His works often have an interactive character which activates the whole body in the experience. For the Health Center, Rune Brink Hansen will create an evocative light installation which engages in dialogue with the old trees of the area.


Wendy Plovmand has in recent years worked on permanent artworks in public spaces, inviting users of the sites to participate in the process. For the Health Center, citizens are invited to talk about their relationship to life and health, among other things. Their recitals are selected and assembled into a poetic depiction that becomes part of the final ceramic site-specific work for the Health Center.