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LYDSPOR is the result of a collaboration between Catch – Center for Art, Design and Technology, AIR Lab at the IT University of Copenhagen, The Museums of Elsinore and Bylab. It is a part of the ongoing project The Augmented City.

LYDSPOR is a new sound experience in Elsinore. LYDSPOR conveys stories other than those we are used to hearing about Elsinore and uses sonic augmentation/AR to engage the audience. 

LYDSPOR expands the understanding of the city through sonic sensory experiences, creating an emotional connection to the city’s past. Sound is experienced instantly, but is also ephemeral and temporary – unless it is stored it will disappear immediately. What if the sound left traces that we could listen to through technology? What if we could expand our listening and enable us to listen to the sounds of the city from 400 years ago? LYDSPOR explores what it would be like to listen to the past. 

The sound walk consists of three parts, one audio walk in Hestemøllestræde and two physical, interactive sound installations by Kongekajen and the Museum of Elsinore.

The project is based on a year-long exploration into how to design sonic sensory experiences that create an emotional connection to the past in today’s Elsinore. 

The metaverse
The metaverse and the technologies that blur the distinction between our physical and virtual spaces are highly in focus today. The metaverse is often linked to technologies such as virtual and augmented reality – technologies that expand our physical reality. Augmented reality is the experience of various digital layers in our physical reality, for example POKEMON GO. It is often visual layers which are implemented as augmented realities, but in LYDSPOR sound is used as digital layers expanding the city space. 

Everyday stories
When turning to the history of Elsinore you often find a dominating focus on kings and wars. LYDSPOR represents a desire to tell stories about ordinary people. The focus is on the past everyday life and the sound of it. It can be easier to connect to the past if you can identify with the people involved. At Kongekajen you can experience the sound of “Sanden ” which was a neighborhood that once existed in Elsinore housing inhabitants from all over Europe, especially the Netherlands. The inhabitants immegrated to Elsinore due to good trading opportunities and helped build Kronborg. The neighbourhood was bombed under the Swedish attack in 1658.  

Experience LYDSPOR
Visit the soundinstallation in Elsinore using the map and the download link here.

LYDSPOR is sponsored by WS Audiology.