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In January 2017, 20 students from the the Environmental and Cultural Heritage Management Programme at Metropol, University College Copenhagen, worked with the local museum Flynderupgård, and the Library of Elsinore in order to investigate various challenges posed by the two institutions.

At the museum the students developed new ways to communicate the life of the Frederik Ferdinand Hansen, the founder of the main house at Flynderupgård to the visitors. In 1827 Frederik Ferdinand Hansen returned from the West Indies to Denmark and brought with him his two children Anna Pauline (6 years old) og Frederik Ferdinand jr. (4 years old). He had the children out of wedlock with his slave Maria Dorthea. Before he left the islands he managed to change the legal status of the children, so they could arrive in Denmark free, not as slaves.

At the library the students developed new concepts on how to include current and future tourists in the dissemination at the library, since the Library is going to run the local tourist office in a near future.

The students’ concepts was presented at the Catch seminar at Click Festival 2017.