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New Newsletter is a digital email based newsletter, written by young danish authors. The project was kicked off at Click Festival 2018 through lectures on digital literature and the development of the newsletter as a genre. It was then published monthly in the period from August 2018 to August 2019. 

The initiative was executed in collaboration with the Libraries of Elsinore, and with support from Development Fund from the Agency for Culture and Palaces.  

The goal with New Newsletter was to develop a new literary format inspiring younger readers across the country to be interested in new talented authors. In New Newsletter, selected authors was encouraged to reflect on current events and news streams and simultaneously experiment with the digital format and hence explore new ways of communication.  When reading the newsletter, readers may experience a hybrid of fiction and the digital – where old formats meet new ones.

As an argument for the need of such new format, project leaders, Majken Overgaard, Catch, and Simon Brørup from the libraries, describe how current news media are characterized by fake news and various social media:

“Therefore, it’s important to work with news from a completely new angle and give voice to another way to develop and reflect on news,”

Furthermore, they believe that the newsletter is stagnated as a genre, and therefore wants to challenge it:

“The grant makes it possible to work with upcoming Danish writers in a different digital format, which makes it possible to disseminate broadly to many user groups and in more detail than for example on Twitter and Facebook.

The selected authors were: Christina Hagen, Caspar Eric, Kristian Leth, Ida Holmegaard, Ursula Scavenius, Harald Voetmann, Hanne Højgaard Viemose, Halfdan Pisket, Caroline Albertine Minor, Dennis Gade Kofod, Ida Marie Hede & Amalie Smith

You can read all of their contributions in the archive below. It is also possible to sign up, and receive all newsletters by email.


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#1 Christina Hagen
#2 Caspar Eric
#3 Kristian Leth
#4 Ida Holmegaard
#5 Ursula Scavenius
#6 Harald Voetmann
#7 Hanne Højgaard Viemose
#8 Caroline Albertine Minor
#9 Halfdan Pisket
#10 Dennis Gade Kofod
#11 Ida Marie Hede
#12 Amalie Smith