Over SundetAn IoT and cultural cooperation across national bordersWinter 2021 (current)


Catch and the city of Helsingborg is starting a collaboration to help entrepreneurs in the cultural sector to grow and develop their ideas on an international level. In 2021-22, we want to work with two IoT and cultural projects (one Swedish and one Danish) to be shown during H22 City Expo and in Elsinore.


Elsinore and Helsingborg are two cities that are both developing its creative and entrepreneurial sector. Both cities experience that entrepreneurs within the cultural sector find it difficult to develop new innovative ideas that have potential to grow and be noticed on an international stage. The best ideas are usually only realized at the local level – in this case either in Elsinore or Helsingborg. The two cities want to establish a partnership to improve the opportunities for artistic innovation and entrepreneurship in the cultural sector – across the strait. IoT, i.e. objects that are connected via the Internet, create opportunities for both citizens and public actors.

The two cities want provide entrepreneurs in the cultural sector with increased exposure and the experience on how to scale up an idea and a larger network in Denmark and Sweden. The project will create a common community in Helsingør / Helsingborg for entrepreneurs in the cultural sector and create a sense of belonging through shared ownership of the ideas and experiences created for the public. We also want to create a cultural and technical experience for residents and the tourism industry when they are shown in Helsingør and Helsingborg during the project period. The purpose is to test new ways of working with technology and culture in cities in both Denmark and Sweden from an entrepreneurial perspective. Create new opportunities for entrepreneurs but also creative methods for cities to work with interdisciplinary projects. The aim is also to test new methods for interdisciplinary development within municipalities in both Denmark and Sweden.

An open call will be published in February 2021, where applicants from both countries can apply.