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– Denmark’s friendliest podcast about technology for ordinary people


The technological progress is moving fast, there are constantly new updates to our phones and computers, new devices are being launched and there is much talk about artificial intelligence. It can sometimes seem like technology is evolving without human influence. ‘Teknolo-gi-mig-en-chance’ is a podcast where we talk about technology from a human perspective. All people are influenced by technology in their everyday lives and that is why we base this podcast on technology that is relevant to ordinary people. It can be both global challenges and local angles that are brought up in the conversation as well as thoughts about our common technological reality.


Although our present day is largely shaped by technology and the idea of ​​continuous technological and scientific development, the critical debate around which direction we as humans want to move is virtually non-existent. With this podcast, we want to create an opportunity for us to develop a new technological consciousness through the conversation, a consciousness where we as people actively use technology, rather than technology uses us.


The podcast is made in a collaboration between Helsingør Dagblad, The Danish Museum of Science and Technology and Catch – Center for Art, Design and Technology in the Municipality of Elsinore. ‘Teknolo-gi-mig-en-chance’ is a podcast in danish with one episode released each month.


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