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Through a collaboration with School of Arts and Communication, K3, Malmö University and their course in relational design and a local social organization in Elsinore Municipality, we have been creating a common platform for the development of local production.

Students at Malmø University contributed with research and  knowledge on how to showcase the interdisciplinary collaboration. They produced a plan of how to communicate the collaboration through existing channels and how to create a product line of 4-5 new types of products that can be produced at the facility and that matches the skills of the users and Catch.

Through the collaboration we wanted to highlight new creative processes and the development of new products, based on  different interests, types of (life) experiences and working conditions, thereby contributing to mutual inspiration.

In 2020, the collaboration resulted in a Work/shop – a live workshop, a meeting place for many different users and a shop where the products created locally in Elsinore can be distributed to tourists and citizens.


Collaboration with Malmö University

The relational design course contributes to the field of Interaction Design by applying theories and methods to establish collaborative relationships between designers, citizens, experts and other professionals. Informed by the Scandinavian participatory design tradition, this course introduces students to collaborative methods for working with stakeholders, with a particular emphasis on the relations. Questions of ethics, power relations, and shared responsibility for design processes and outcomes will be emphasized. The scholarly skills of academic writing and reflection will be evaluated based on individually submitted papers. This course lays the groundwork for the Design and Social Innovation course in the second year of the IDM programme. By incorporating the body of knowledge from computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), Relational Design challenges students to judge which qualities in contemporary and future digital media platforms can be used to create and build relations.