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Rubberduck is a network for creative solo entrepreneurs in Helsingør.



Helsingør has a number of solo entrepreneurs who develop video and / or graphic productions, computer games, design and art. It can be challenging to start as a solo creative entrepreneur and survive the first few years. The creative-rubber-ducking initiative is based on a successful creative corporate network started by Catch in 2019. We want to continue this culture / platform that we created, which is based on a common commitment and a trust where all participants had the courage to be open and ask for help with the difficult things and formulate what the challenges are. In Catch’s creative network, the participants managed to gain a belief in their own value and company, the individual created his own path to business development, and was supported in keeping fixed, which made everyone move and get created and a stronger foundation for their own business.



We scale the existing local creative network to around 15-20 people, who meet once a month. We meet in Catch to share experiences and develop our business. The network can also serve as a gateway to find new business partners.



We will focus on creative entrepreneurs from Elsinore who want to participate in a new network and want to get sparring on starting or further developing their own business. The network is for those who have an idea for a company, or are already working on art, technology or design, ie. creative professions. You must have the time and desire to develop your creative business to participate in the network. In addition, you must be a resident of Helsingør Municipality and over 18 years of age.

The network is developed together with the local creative entrepreneurs Anders Hornstrup and Charlotte Lærke Weitze.



Form of the meetings

  • Theme: Each time there is a focus on a specific theme such as “How to get customers”, “How to convey your message”, “How to develop your business”.
  • The round (10 min): We start with a short round where everyone gives a status of their individual self-chosen tasks.
  • Selected cases (1.5 hours): For each meeting, 2-3 cases are selected, where the selected participants receive help to solve specific challenges in their company. When you do not have a case in today’s program, you take on the role of sparring partner with responsibility for feedback.
  • “I dare you” (20 min): We end each meeting with a round where each participant chooses their own task / challenge for the next meeting: “What do I want to challenge myself with before we meet next time?” We follow up this challenge each time until the subsequent meeting.


We meet on the first Wednesday of each month for 2 hours at 16-18 in Catch at Kulturværftet, Allegade 2, 3000 Helsingør.