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Fall 2021 

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Scenario: Futures shaping art / art shaping futures

Through a series of articles and interviews, this publication attempts to showcase how art and the future interrelate in various ways. How, for instance, can art help us understand the possible future trajectories of scientific and technological development? How does art help us to think about the (often hidden) structures of power and agency that affect our lives? Why and how is art (specifically sci-fi literature) being used to futureproof organisational strategy? Why do we need both utopian and dystopian narratives to give us caution and hope for the future? How can art bring futures studies to life through immersive experiences, and what will the future role of museums and cultural heritage be in a more digitalised and interconnected world?

Together with Nicklas Larsen, Senior Advisor and Head of Initiatives from The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and Katrine Pedersen, Head of Education at Arken Museum of Modern Art, Catch has initiated this edition of Scenario to bring focus to the innovative space between art and science. Scenario is a quarterly research report engaging in major global themes, always examined through a futurist lens. The reports are published by The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies . 

The report features a number of art and tech projects realised at Catch. 

The report is from October 2021 and is available online and in print. Find it here. 

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