Sound DiveIn collaboration with AIRLAB, the IT University of CopenhagenSpring 2020 (previous)

Sound Dive
An auditory augmented reality experience about the future of the deep sea.

Sound Dive is part of a larger collaboration around investigations of the deep between Catch, AIRLAB – ITU, the Maritime Museum of Denmark and the Libraries of Elsinore. Elsinore is located by the sea and the sea has always been important for the city’s development. Currently technologies are being developed that makes us able to investigate and make use of the sea and the deep in new ways; due to highly advanced underwater robots we can get an insight into new species and new ways of living, we are starting to cultivate fish around the globe and slowly we are overtaking the sea in the same way as we have overtaken the planet. But how will we interact with the sea and in the future? How will our new insight affect us? We would like to investigate this through the use of science fiction and speculative design.


Sound Dive Concept Description

The installation is based on an auditory augmented reality experience, where a listener is brought into a future soundscape of the deep sea through a pair of headphones. There are no screens or controllers, the interaction consists of sound influenced by your own movement. By moving around the room you explore a dynamic virtual sound universe in 3D and experience different sounds from the depths of the future. The project sees the depth of the sea as the earth’s ‘final frontier’, an enclosed universe where the sense of space and body changes and only the imagination sets the limit for the future. The installation is intended for both children and adults to explore, to fantasize and be inspired by this universe and how it will manifest itself in the future.

Created by Frederic Widding and Emil Vogt Sørensen in collaboration with Catch and AIRLAB.


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