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At Catch we are interested in the cross fertilization between speculative design and literature, and we are thrilled that many of you joined our event Speculative Now(s): Engaging with Sci-Fi to understand and develop the future of tech at Techfestival 2019.

The event was hosted in a collaboration with Tina Ryoon Andersen and Nynne Just Christoffersen from Tech & Science Book Club, Sonja Rattay from Block ZeroChristian Lythje Villum from Dansk Design Center and of course – Simon Bøttrup from Helsingør Kommunes Biblioteker

At the event we examined how science fiction affects and co-creates technology and how we with literature can create new technology in the future. We asked questions such as; which narratives and predictions dominate current tech-developments? Which societal view do their future visions reflect? What is left out? And which urgent questions need to be asked, about the way we use autonomous technology to preserve and work with the social fabric that is currently shaping our society?

We are currently working on the next step for the project.







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