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Staging the Future of Technologies is a talent programme for performing arts and technology launched in collaboration with HAUT, CLICK Festival and Catch.

In cooperation, we have established the framework for two Exiles, which will be part of the programme at the CLICK Festival 2019. The collaboration has emerged from a common vision and wish to offer fruitful frameworks for artistic research and talent development.

Staging the Future of Technologies is based on the encounter between a technological practice and an artistic practice. The exiles focus on creating new, equal partnerships in the meeting between art and technology, and on the development process.

Interfacingthoughts by Christoffer Vincent West Thon and Julie Lunding Østengaard
Christoffer Vincent Westh Thon has a background from the Technical University of Denmark and the IT University of Copenhagen. Christoffer works with interdisciplinary projects merging art, science and technology. Julie Østengaard is a  Copenhagen based sound artist and composer working with electronic music and media. She has a Masters degree in electronic music and soundart from the Danish National Academy of Music.

Interfacingthoughts examines the relationship between people when technology becomes an intermediary for our communication. With technology we can dissolve the limitations of our own sensory apparatus, and as an intermediary technology can make us sense something we otherwise could not.

The project takes the form of a performative installation, where brain activity is translated into interactive sound and cymatics using an EEG Scanner. A performer’s state of mind reveals itself in a space that continuously evolves by its own thinking every second. Interfacingthoughts provides access to a world that is otherwise hidden, revealing a person’s mysterious inner state of mind in a sensuous and expressive experience.


Interfacingthoughts by Julie Lunding Østengaard og Christoffer Vincent West Thon, Click Festival 2019. Photo credit: SPREAD


Watch and listen to Julie Lunding Østengaard and Christoffer Vincent West Thon talk about their work in the video below, produced in a collaboration between HAUT and Maria Dønvang Productions.


No Tale No Head by Joel Illerhag and Mana:Group
Joel Illerhag is a student at the Advanced Post Graduate Diploma Project at the Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. Currently, his works focuses on the invention of an electromagnetically-prepared double bass with 39 sympathetic strings, dubbed the Swedish Harp Bass.

MANA:GROUP is an artbased collective with artists from various backgrounds such as physical theatre, interactive performance, new circus, electronic music, light design, and architecture. MANA:GROUP are interested in finding new methods of working in the intersection of performanceart, concert, choreography, and theater.

No Tale No Head is a durational performance-concert where the sounds from The Swedish Harp Bass merge with the bodies and the voices of the performers, the echo of the room, and the loop of the earth. The performers inhabit the installation throughout the day, leaving traces behind. A foul thought of decay are pulling The Body into exhaustion through strings that tie the room together but divides, occupy and sustain hierarchies.

No Tale No Head is a work-in-progress and only 2/3rds or less were shown at Click Festival 2019.


No tale no head by Mana:Group and Joel Illerhag, Click Festival 2019. Photo: Still from HAUT production


Watch and listen to Joel Illerhag and Mana:Group talk about their work in the video below, produced in a collaboration between HAUT and Maria Dønvang Productions.


Both projects were supported by Danish Arts Foundation.