The Augmented CityWinter 2021 (current)

We want to develop new experiences in and of our common public spaces and the narratives that are connected to the history of the city and the citizens through AR.


Catch is collaborating with private and public partners on development in and of the city of Elsinore through art, technology and design – areas that in recent years bring new opportunities in relation to digital manufacturing and entrepreneurship as well as in relation to the development of new communities and training initiatives.

In 2021 we will co-develop the project The Augmented City” together with CBS (MSC), betaFACTORY and AIR Lab ITU investigating how augmented reality can be affectively engaging in relation to the development of inclusion and democracy.

We will work with both sound-based and visual AR, the results will be prototypes displaying new visions of how we can use technology, art and design to create new ways of storytelling in the city with the local citizens.