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During this year’s PASSAGE Festival in Elsinore, art collective Vontrapp will stage the old dock at M/S Museet for Søfart. Through installations, dance and music they will change the dock into a contemporary side specific remake of the myth of Noas Arch – “The Flood”

In the performance Vontrapp make use of software developer, Ander Bech Mellsons technology, which make it possible for every single performer to carry their own music track in a mobile speaker. In this way composer and sound designer Sandra Boss can compose the music together with the choreography which dance collective Fanclub and Vontrapp will develop together with the musical composition at the side.

The performance is developed independent from Catch, but we opened up our workspace to the art collective Vontrapp and Fanclub, because the performance investigates and use new forms of technology in the arts, which we like to support. While Vontrapp and Fanclub develop the performance, it was therefore possible to follow the development of the piece at Catch.


About the performance

The Flood is a remake of the myth of Noas Arch, but now in a contemporary perspective. The climate change has made this myth surprisingly relevant for us to day, because of the acute crisis we are facing globally at this moment. During the performance the audience will change from spectators to active group of people – as the performers will bring the audience to be part of the shipbuilding. The dock where the performance will take place is a former ship construction side. It is placed under the surface of the sea, and the water pressure from the groundwater is enormous. The floor is cracking and water seems to get in from everywhere. Today the building in its self is an evidence of man’s contempt to control the sea, and this battle between man and sea is an underlining thematic for the “The Flood”.


The Flood played at M/S Museet for Søfart as part of PASSAGE FESTIVAL


The performance is supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Augustinus FOnden, Koda Kultur, Knud Højgaards Fond og William Demant Fonden.

Ide, dramaturgy og concept: Kunstnerkollektivet Vontrapp, by Kathrine Lund Neisum, Sandra Boss, Astrid Hansen Holm, Ina Hjorth Jacobsen and Katrine Würtz Hansen

Director: Astrid Hansen Holm

Soundesign and music: Sandra Boss

Installation: Ina Hjorth Jacobsen, Katrine Würtz Hansen

Costume design: Katrine Würtz Hansen, Nanna Katharina Jensen


Read more about vontrapp here: