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Catch and Copenhagen University collaborated through the course Urban Intervention Studio 2018: Space & Interface – cultures, heritage and innovation at the Elsinore Waterfront. 26 students worked on installations for the public space in the spring of 2018.

The theme of the Urban Intervention Studio was SPACE & INTERFACE

An interface can cause friction, balance, overlays, synergies, and impulses but no matter what the interface establishes a relation between us and the environment we are in. In this course will use the interface as an open-ended vehicle for exploring, conceiving and affecting our spatial surroundings.


Students exploring and prototyping urban interventions


The site under scrutiny was the Elsinore waterfront. It is an interesting place due to the many contrasts in the environment. On one hand, we have the old beautiful castle Kronborg, the old ships and the old ship yard. These are sites of massive cultural heritage and that emanate more conservative values. On the other, the culture yard is becoming more and more forward-looking with plenty of cultural activities e.g. such as the annual Click Festival which focus on the growing field of art and technology. The area reveals interesting dilemmas and potentials in terms of intervening in a heritage site in transformation, and many questions arises. Questions such as; how can these different cultures of both tradition and innovation be combined and further how can they fuel each other in interesting and fruitful ways? Can the transformation and potential of the cultural layers be more strongly explored and communicated in the spatial setting?


Students exploring and prototyping urban interventions


The collaboration between Catch, Idemo Lab, and the University of Copenhagen gave the students the possibility to work with additional electronics and digital tools, that they otherwise did not have access to. They had the opportunity to work with lighting, energy harvesting and 3D printing.