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In 2020 CABAS and Catch set up a workshop and a shop focusing on local production of design, art and technology.

Together we have developed and produced a number of new products based on:

  • CABAS’ work with design and textiles
  • A common new practice with a focus on the topics and exhibitions created at Catch 
  • Production of local designers’ products

For example; together we have developed a number of products based on the maritime expression that characterizes the entire harbour area.



Through this collaboration, Catch and CABAS wanted create a common platform for the development of local production in the Cultural Harbour. Furthermore, we wanted to invite citizens, who often do not seek the general cultural offers on their own, into Elsinore’s creative and artistic education and initiate an environment. In this way, Catch and CABAS would like to contribute to Elsinore municipality’s vision:


  • All citizens throughout their lives have the opportunity to be part of different types of communities
  • Strengthen the framework for cultural, sports and association life to unfold and create a breeding ground for communities.
  • Make it easier for citizens and businesses to take initiative in activities that promote community


At the same time Catch and CABAS wish that the coming collaboration of new creative processes and products emerge, across interests, different types of (life) experiences and working conditions, which thereby contribute to mutual inspiration.



Center for Activity & Social Affairs, Sheltered Employment, Clarification and STU (CABAS), offers i.a. sheltered employment, clarification of work ability and STU internships at a number of established workshops and kitchens/Cafes in Elsinore. The most important guideline in CABAS’ business is social value creation in work communities.

CABAS believes that everyone needs to be part of a working community and believes that it is both meaningful and life-giving for all people to create something together with others and solve daily work tasks.

CABAS is anchored in Elsinore Municipality located organizationally under the Center for Special Social Efforts (SSI) and here is offered local and safe training platforms for citizens who fall outside the ordinary labor market due to physical and/or mental challenges and social problems.

CABAS kitchens, cafes and workshops are all non-profit, which means that no profit is produced, but that income and expenses go straight up. When you buy a product from one of CABAS’ productions, you can expect a quality product at the same time as you help to give all people the opportunity to be part of a working community.